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Services Provided

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24-Hour Shelter

First City Haven is an emergency 24-hour shelter located in Ketchikan, Alaska. In this remote island of Southeast Alaska, First City Haven provides a safe place for individuals seeking shelter. We have 40 beds available each night.

Anyone over 18 is welcome.  


 First City Haven has an indoor dining area and a commercial kitchen, which provides daily meals to Participants. First City Haven offers hot meals and snacks daily. When supplies allow, we share with other organizations and distribute food boxes.  

Basic Needs

 First City Haven offers basic needs to adults experiencing homelessness. We provide basic first aid supplies, assistance with medications, clothing exchange, hygiene, showers, laundry and mail services. Other supplies may be available.

Other Programs

The Joy Project


Work In-Place Education and Training

Nurture and Evolve 

Healthy Peoples

First City Haven (FCH) offers guidance and mentorship to help individuals become economically self-sufficient. FCH provides telephones, message services, and job research.


We provide guidance for individuals who need help signing up for Alaska State assistance programs, SNAP, medical care, and other available resources. 


If needed, our staff will provide referrals to local resources for primary care, mental health, and emergency healthcare. We offer supportive and nonjudgmental referrals for those seeking remedies for substance abuse, domestic violence, a housing crisis, veteran benefits, disability rights, legal help, and food assistance.

If you or someone you love is in need of assistance or if you would like to learn more about the programs and services offered at First City Haven, please reach out to our staff for more information. 

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